Interactive-Art Tunnel on AGH Forum - Syngenta  (foyer BallRoom Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv)

Interactive-Art Tunnel AGH Forum - Syngenta

The unique design by ARTTECHNOLOGY for Event was launched technology 3G mobile operator Life (foyer Hilton Kyiv)

the unique design of the #ARTTECHNOLOGY for Event was launched technology 3G mobile operator Life

The arena 32nd Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships by design ARTTECHNOLOGY

Interactive and multimedia SHOWROOM Coca-Cola Ukraine for key clients created by the ARTTECHNOLOGY interactive Lab


INTERFOAM interactive foam stand by ARTTECHNOLOGY. The largest interactive exhibition stand made of large carved colored foam rubber blocks ever constructed in the world. It entered the Ukrainian Book of Records in 2013 in the category "The First" - the unique technology of stand design"

Media-visual interactive installation "World of underground water" in the Kiev Museum of Water from ARTTECHNOLOGY interactive Lab

as multidirectional integrator of interactive art technologies in decoration and advertising...

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